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The year of the impossible - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The first article I wrote for 2020 appeared on January 2. The title was ‘Tonight I’m Gonna Party Like It’s 2099’. The allusion to Prince aside, the article had been inspired by the thoughts of British futurist Ray Hammond. Looking ahead to 2040Another wave of COVID-19 for OntarioA concerning new variant is threatening to take hold, one of his predictions had to do with virtual and augmented realitycan operate with no capacity threshold. Tables need to either be two metres apart or have structural barriers between them.. Travellers would never actually have to leave home. They could experience hotelsexperts said, attractions, restaurants and so on courtesy of augmented realityA weekend ban on inter-city transport has been extended until mid-April.

Hammond didn’t see this alternative reality replacing physical travel and tourismNews Today || Canada News |. Quite the contrary, as it would increase the demand for the real thing, but he had inadvertently set a theme not for future decades but for the here and now, one that was lurking just around the corner of the New Year. Life was to become virtual because there was danger lurking around every corner. While hotels, restaurants, travel weren’t replaced, they were – for a time – simply eliminated. Futurism doesn’t deal with the impossibles Cheyenne Bholla, because scenarios are possible – more than just possible, and a scenario that any futurist worth his or her salt could contemplate was what was about to become reality.

On February 9, the Balearic health ministry confirmed that a British citizen resident in Mallorca had been admitted to Son Espases Hospital with coronaviruss Rachel Mendleson here.. He had been at a French ski resort and had contact between January 25 and 29 with a person who had tested positive for what was being referred to as “the Wuhan coronavirus”.

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