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Faced with the dazzling variety of colors, endless materials and amazing prices in the floor market, consumers often don't know how to choose

the maintenance of laminate flooring is relatively simple, which is also the biggest advantage of laminate flooring over solid wood flooring. Usually, you only need to wipe with a semi dry mop. But pay attention to avoid damage to the floor caused by damp, too sharp and too hot objects

some special dirt can be cleaned immediately with soft detergent or warm water. Never use a lot of water to clean the floor. There is no need to wax and paint, and never polish with sandpaper. Because laminate flooring is different from solid wood flooring, its surface is relatively smooth and its brightness is relatively good. Waxing will add to the snake

pay attention to some small details in daily life. Don't throw matches and cigarette ends on the floor easily. Once the floor is burnt, it will seriously affect the appearance and it is troublesome to repair

avoid sharp objects, such as scissors and knives, scratching the floor surface; Don't drag when moving chairs, tables and other furniture; Place a mat at the door to avoid the damage of gravel or other small stones to the floor

avoid objects containing glue falling on the floor, such as gum, otherwise it is difficult to clean; Pay attention to clean up the seeping water at the door of the bathroom and kitchen at any time. In the northern region, due to the relatively dry climate, the floor is prone to cracks and cracks. Therefore, when the climate is dry, we should pay attention to appropriately increase the humidity of the floor surface. If possible, we can use a special humidifier to increase the humidity of the surface; You can also wipe the floor with a cotton mop dipped in water and wrung dry





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