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"I'm here, and I'll make it right away." Lan Qiao June, thanks for the feedback and puts a price on love. After the signing of the 5.15 Hexiang board double president in Hangzhou, LAN Qiao people will set off for Suzhou again

"I'm coming, right away." Lan Qiao June, thanks for his feedback and puts a price on love. After the signing of the 5.15 hexiangban double president in Hangzhou, Lanqiao people will set out in Suzhou again to bring a Thanksgiving trip of customized 0 aldehyde home decoration to every family in Suzhou who lives in a healthy home! A healthy and green home, accompanied by a beloved family, LAN Qiao makes every family in Suzhou worry free, reassuring and comfortable

with a good grasp of quality concept, Lanqiao home has always been adhering to the concept of green and healthy home. LAN Qiao's "I'm here, I'll be there right away" signing ceremony has been continuously held all over the country. While bringing health and benefits to every home, it is also deeply loved by the owners of "love home, love health" with high-quality quality quality and service. When the Suzhou station was launched on May 20, Lanqiao headquarters sent a team of assault elites and their advantages. After several activities with the Suzhou Lanqiao team, both sides have a quite excellent tacit understanding of the team, "unite as one, don't reach the goal, never give up". This Lanqiao Hexiang board signing benefit after preliminary preparations, all activity teams cooperate with each other, help and encourage each other after determining the goal and work, Jointly deal with the problems in the process of selling cards. As a united Lanqiao family, Lanqiao people advance and retreat together, and also uphold the will of Lanqiao people, never give up and help each other

this event also created a new mode of "high speed, high agility and high efficiency". After only 15 days of hard preparation, the goal set in the early stage was achieved. "Race against time, game against records", the signing meeting of the double presidents of Lanqiao wardrobe and Hexiang board - Suzhou station arrived as scheduled on June 5, and the event site was still sitting. Inspired by the passion of the host Ouyang Liujiang, the on-site owner friends actively participated in the interaction, and with the expectation of preferential treatment for 0 aldehyde Hexiang board, the atmosphere of the scene reached a climax

this time, the double presidents of Lanqiao wardrobe and Hexiang board signed for benefits. Tutor Kevin Shi of Lanqiao wardrobe explained in detail the concept of 0 aldehyde health and Hexiang board on the scene, which was also the focus of the whole activity site, because it allowed every audience to understand the harm caused by formaldehyde in home decoration. By watching the boiling experiment, the on-site audience actively participated in the interaction and personally felt the advantages of Hexiang board 0 formaldehyde

as the president announced the price of Hexiang board, the finance department immediately lined up. Every home loving owner in Suzhou did not hesitate to pay the first deposit for the family's home health

there are not only the annual preferential prices of health Hexiang board, but also various big gifts to the owners of Suzhou Aijia. This Thanksgiving was not only the preferential price of the president of Hexiang board with health 0 aldehyde, but also many big gifts were given to every owner present. The most attractive first prize, up to 50% free of charge, and other awards were taken away by lucky customers. Manager Yang, regional manager of Lanqiao wardrobe marketing Department, personally presented the free of charge award to lucky owners

"I'm coming. Zero formaldehyde right away" Season 3 - signing of benefits from the double presidents of Lanqiao wardrobe - Suzhou station ended successfully on June 5! 41 orders were signed at the event site, and 14 orders were transferred at the early stage of the store. This is a water storage period of 15 days, short-term efficiency, low investment and high return. Such excellent achievements cannot be separated from the early efforts and efforts of the front-line combat elites in Suzhou. Thank you for your stalemate and companionship after encountering difficulties. LAN Qiao has been on the way to create a green home for the people of the country




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