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Which of the top ten brands of wardrobe board is good? A craftsman of fine materials makes a good cabinet with a good board

wardrobe plays a major role in our life and is one of the indispensable furniture in our home. And whether the wardrobe is durable and environmentally friendly depends on the substrate of the wardrobe - plate. So in the process of making the wardrobe, how should we choose the wardrobe board? Which of the top ten brands of Chinese board is a good choice for wardrobe board

which of the top ten brands of China's board is better - refined craftsman board

refined craftsman board has been committed to the development of the decorative board industry and is one of the international brands leading the development of China's decorative board. The first ultra environmentally friendly product "aldehyde purifying antibacterial ecological board" is a functional board, which has the effects of purifying formaldehyde and antibacterial. The brand of fine craftsman is positioned as "high-end home decoration, using fine craftsman". Through continuous technical research and innovation, dozens of new products representing the new trend and trend of the industry are launched every year. With its unique elegant taste and artistic charm, it creates a comfortable and satisfactory home environment for consumers, as well as a good living environment for consumers, and has become the wind vane of the industry. It has won the honorary titles of China's top ten plate brands, China's top ten plate industry brands, China's 3.15 integrity brand, China's top ten plate industry brands, China's green environmental protection products, national brands in the building materials industry and so on. Its refined wood craftsman home decoration wood brand radiates more than 800 stores nationwide

main products: ecological board, aldehyde purification antibacterial board, multilayer plywood, blockboard, integrated wood, decorative panel, paper gypsum board, wardrobe, floor, sliding door, household supporting hardware, environmental protection glue, etc

which of the top ten brands of China's board is better - Shenzhou homeland

Shenzhou homeland ecological board always takes "building the first brand of China's ecological board" as the goal, takes promoting the process of environmental protection board as its own responsibility, advocates the healthy consumption concept of "environmental protection board, low-carbon life", and relies on enterprise characteristics such as precision quality, considerate service, courage to innovate, and responsibility, The "Shenzhou homeland" brand ecological board produced by the company has taken the lead in the industry in comprehensively passing ISO9001, ISO14001 international quality, environmental management system certification and China environmental labeling product certification. It has been welcomed and affirmed by all sectors of society with excellent quality, and has won many awards: China's top ten brands of ecological board




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