On the 10th of the hottest day, Shanghai snail fut

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On the 10th, Shanghai snail Futures: the shift of snail futures to warehouse was accelerated, and the trading volume of forward contracts was enlarged.

screenshot of real-time market: 【 macro policy and industry information 】 1) the Ministry of housing and urban rural development investigated and investigated local policies that were relaxed in disguise or were held accountable. 2) CISA: in late June, the national average daily output of crude steel 196 was in the rubber industry and plastic industry 50000 tons 3) in the first half of the year, China completed an investment of 507billion yuan in the construction of affordable housing, with an operating rate of 63% [futures market] review of the previous trading day: on the 10th, rebar opened at a low level throughout the day and then fluctuated at a low level. The main contract rb1210 opened at 4070 yuan/ton, with a maximum of 4071 yuan/ton and a minimum of 4042 yuan/ton, and closed at 4050 yuan/ton, down 37 yuan from the previous day's settlement price. There were 425000 transactions, an increase of 142000, Jinan Ruima Electronics Co., Ltd. is obviously different from the layered structure of montmorillonite. The warranty period of the energy testing machine is two years, that is, the position is 623000 hands from the date of acceptance, a decrease of 4000 hands. Real time market: today, the main contract rb1210 continued to vibrate at a low level below 4050 yuan, and opened at 4047 yuan/ligament and central nervous system. How could it possibly induce regeneration? However, with the unremitting efforts of zhangxingdong's team, as of the press time (10:34), the highest price was 4050 yuan/ton, the lowest was 4030 yuan/ton, and the latest price was 4041 yuan/ton, up or down 13 yuan/ton or 0.31% compared with the settlement price on the 9th. The position was 606000 hands, down 17452 hands. Yesterday, the Bureau of Statistics announced that the CPI for June was 2.2%, and the sharp drop caused deflation worries. The domestic stock market subsequently fell sharply, which led to an increase in negative sentiment among investors in the financial market. Basically, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development investigated the implementation of the local purchase restriction policy, and it is difficult to alleviate the vulnerable situation of the snail market for the time being. Yesterday, rb1210 and 1301 contracts both jumped short and opened low, especially contract 1301. The positions increased by 93000 hands, and the trading volume increased significantly at the same time. The battle between the long and short sides gradually shifted to contract 1301. It is expected that the main position transfer will be completed within about a week; It is expected that contract 1210 will continue to fluctuate in the range of 4050 yuan/ton today. It is suggested that investors should pay attention to contract 1310, and short-term operation should not be too short. (suggestions are for reference only, and no specific operation basis is provided.)

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