On the 15th of the hottest day, the domestic n-but

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The typical application and development of 15pp materials in automotive interiors require that the domestic n-butanol market in Japan is dominated by stability and the price continues to rise.

on Monday (October 15), the domestic n-butanol market today is dominated by stability and the price continues to rise. The price quoted by the holders is generally increased. The buyers are more wait-and-see about the strong trend of n-butanol, and are not active in receiving goods. The market transaction is not ideal

East China: today, the market trend of n-butanol in East China is slightly stable, the local supply of mobile goods is becoming increasingly tight, and the quotation of traders is firm. At present, the market quotation is yuan/ton, and the actual negotiation is yuan/ton, so there is great resistance to high-end transaction. The downstream butyl acrylate market is strong and the demand is good, but the butyl acetate manufacturers are cautious in receiving goods. The market turnover is relatively general, and the atmosphere remains stalemate. Some cargo holders want to ship and leave, so the market is becoming more and more wait-and-see

South China: today, the local inquiry of n-butanol market in South China is slightly active, and the traders' mentality is still good. At present, the mainstream quotation in the market is firm at yuan/ton, and the actual negotiation is at yuan/ton. The downstream butyl acetate Market is general, while the local DBP manufacturers have low production enthusiasm and poor market. The trading volume of n-butanol market is general

North China: the trading atmosphere of n-butanol in North China market today was flat. The price quoted by the goods holder stood at yuan/ton, and the actual transaction was at yuan/ton. The market was slightly stable. The construction of small and medium-sized acid ester factories in the downstream was relatively general, and the goods were taken cautiously. The local supply of goods was slightly tight, but the demand did not improve significantly, and the market rose slowly. Qilu Petrochemical's strong ex factory quotation for n-butanol is due to the obvious relaxation of yuan/molecule movement. At present, the supply is insufficient, the market supply is tight, and the trading is still light

influencing factors and market trend: 1. The market of n-butanol in Asia is slightly better, focusing on economic development and improving people's livelihood, and the trading atmosphere is slightly improved; 2. Butyl acetate and DBP have not made any progress. In No. 1, efforts have been made to build a world-class industrial event for the new material industry, and the operation level of small factories is poor; 3. The supply of n-butanol is still tight. It is expected that traders in butanol market will remain willing to rise this week, and there is still room for a small increase in the stable market, but the oscillation range is very limited

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