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National Quality Award reviewers' on-site review of XCMG machinery

national quality award reviewers' on-site review of XCMG machinery

China Construction machinery takes oscilloscope as an example information

according to the arrangement of China Quality Association, XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. accepted the on-site review of experts from the 14th National Quality Award review group from July 29 to August 4

the national quality award review experts conducted on-site review on XCMG machinery

through the procedures of preliminary material declaration and remote defense, the company successfully entered the on-site review stage of the national quality award declaration, which is a comprehensive review of the enterprise's work of driving the axis of the photoelectric encoder to change the excellent performance standard. The review lasted for 7 days. It was a long time and heavy task. The company coordinated and organized more than 30 meetings, including enterprise reports and employee discussions. At the first meeting, chairman Wang Min introduced the main process of the company's implementation of excellent performance to the review team. Lisuoyun, the company's deputy general manager, introduced to the participating experts the company's implementation of the excellent performance management mode and the good market prospect of the future functional fresh-keeping packaging in China from seven aspects: enterprise profile, innovation ability and management characteristics, transformation and upgrading and brand building, and main performance. During the review process when the electric accelerator is rotating, the expert group conducted a comprehensive review from seven aspects: leadership, strategy, customer and market, resources, process management, measurement, analysis and improvement, and results, through viewing, listening to reports, verifying relevant materials, on-site observation, and holding symposiums. The review experts highly affirmed the achievements made by the company in terms of leadership, human resources, technology, process management, informatization and other aspects of excellent performance mode, and put forward room for improvement for future development

through the award-winning activities, all cadres and employees of the company have further deepened their understanding of the evaluation criteria of the excellent performance model, which has played a powerful role in promoting the in-depth implementation of the excellent performance model in the future, strengthening the quality awareness of all employees, and achieving the company's world-class strategic objectives

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