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Lighting Management Office of Guyun riverside large screen damaged in many places: maintenance after on-site inspection

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Guyun riverside large screen damaged in many places

recently, you" have Ni in the world of mortals " According to the report channel released to Yangzhou, in the Guyun river section in 1912, niudingfan 14. report generation: the large screen opposite the computer generation store connected to the USB flash disk has been damaged for some time

at the scene, I saw several screens erected along the Guyun river opposite the hotel. There were two obvious defects on the middle screen, both of which were rectangular. On the next screen, there is also a vertical missing, which makes the films shown uncoordinated

yesterday, we consulted with many departments and learned that the management function of maintenance is more simple and more effective. However, judging from the current market, the unit may be the municipal lighting management office. Contacted the lighting management office. The staff said that the large screen here was indeed under their management. They would immediately arrange personnel to the site for inspection. If there was any damage, they would repair it as soon as possible

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