Japan designs the first polyurethane sensor for ro

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Japan has designed the first polyurethane sensor for robots

Japan's touchence company recently designed the world's first soft touch sensor designed for robots

this sensor is made of polyurethane material s, which is itself a resource. It is made of frugal hokac cube and can detect contact and pressure from three levels. For example, if this material is applied to the robot's cheek or other body parts, it only needs to be gently touched or squeezed, and the shokac cube foam covering the robot's body can transmit this force to the robot's control system. This foam can make robots as soft as humans and avoid the use of organic solvents when loading skin testing machines

at present, touchence plans to launch the shokac cube type sample in August, and the company is expected to launch the installation and commissioning of the new product sh door and window corner strength tester okac cube type in April 2012

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