Japan has developed a series of new metal beverage

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Japan has developed a series of new metal beverage packaging cans

for a long time, although metal beverage packaging cans have been challenged by tinned metal cans and PET beverage bottles, they have been developing steadily because of their light weight and recyclable advantages, and they have been constantly innovating in product research and development

Corus packaging company recently launched "epol" (easy to open cover). This can cover is heat sealed with polymer coated steel rings and corrosion-resistant aluminum foil, which can be safely opened, and is more suitable for the elderly and children

in recent years, due to the increase of PET bottles in the Japanese packaging market, the demand for aluminum cans for beverages has gradually decreased, but with the development of new aluminum bottles and cans, the demand for aluminum cans has begun to rise again

at present, enterprises such as Wunei stamping industry, Daiwa can making and Mitsubishi materials have entered the field of aluminum can production, and the aluminum bottle cap developed by Chaiqi manufacturing plant has also been put on the market

it is reported that two major companies, Dahe can making and Wunei stamping industry, have started the research on aluminum bottles and cans 1 User anlimu further introduced that when purchasing, it is used to do the research and development of simple tensile experiments, contraction experiments, etc. Aluminum bottles and beverage containers with the functions of maintaining the quality of contents, easy recycling and re sealing have been developed successively. The newly developed aluminum bottles and cans have the following characteristics:

first, compared with the original aluminum cans, they are beautiful in appearance, resealable, easy to carry and easy to recycle

second, compared with PET bottles, the lightproof and barrier properties are greatly improved, and the tank weight is reduced by 30%

third, the beverage has good preservation performance and extended shelf life

the x-axis load coordinate structure of aluminum bottles and cans of Dahe can making company and Wunei stamping industry is also different. The product diameter of Daiwa can is 28mm. In order to form this diameter, the bottom of the can is formed as the mouth, and the cover, tank body and bottom cover are all made of aluminum. The weight of aluminum bottles (taking 500ml bottles as an example) is only 67% of PET bottles. The inside of the tank and the bottom cover are covered with polyester film, and the inside of the top cover is covered with low-density polyethylene film. The difference between the aluminum cans of Wunei stamping industry company and Dahe can making company is that the caliber is 38mm, the tank body design is smooth, and it is easy to print. After Mitsubishi materials introduced this technology from Wunei stamping industry company, it has transformed the third production line of Okayama factory into a special production line for aluminum bottles and cans into this field

according to the survey of Japan aluminum can recycling association, as these four companies entered the development and production of aluminum bottles and cans, the sales volume of aluminum cans in 2002 alone reached 1.5 billion, 2.5 times that of the previous year, and increased by 20% on this basis in 2003. Packaging material market is one of the largest markets for metal materials

in order to improve the brand effect, in addition to using the silver white characteristics of aluminum, the shape of aluminum cans is also becoming more and more important. Therefore, the manufacturers of metal forming equipment cannot produce too much vibration, and they are also studying aluminum can forming and embossing technology. Because aluminum is easy to form and meets the required shape, researchers are discussing the technology of aluminum can reel expansion molding, pressure molding and rheological molding, which will be first applied in beer cans in the near future

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