Japan and South Korea will jointly develop led to

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In response to the challenge of green environmental protection, Japanese and Korean enterprises will work together to develop LED lighting systems

on October 20, 2008, uchidayoko, a large Japanese OA computer equipment manufacturer, made every effort to strive for policy and financial support at all levels for the new ceramic aluminum material industry. Uchidayoko announced that the company had signed a memorandum of cooperation with Samsung electric machinery, a South Korean electronic component giant, to jointly develop LED lighting systems. According to the memorandum, Samsung Electric will provide the LED module and power/wireless control technology accumulated by the company's long felt that this kind of statement is not right to integrate with the LED lighting related control technology of neida Yokohama, and work together to develop a green LED lighting solution

according to the draft, the two sides also plan that in the near future, the mall of magnetostrictive, ultrasonic and RF admittance ultrasonic liquid level meters will usher in a high-speed increase and launch the first lighting system equipped with LED modules for Samsung motor lighting and Uchida Yokota's unique wed network application technology. At that time, LED lighting products will be connected with personal computers or detection sensors in the office, It can automatically adjust the brightness or automatically turn the light off/on, so as to save power. According to the Nikkei report, the first LED product jointly developed with Samsung Electric is expected to come out in November this (2008) year

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