Japan develops new nuclear waste treatment technol

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Japan develops new nuclear waste treatment technology

Japan develops new nuclear waste treatment technology

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information on this website Tokyo, December 27 (Zhang Kexi) a private scientific research institution in Japan recently issued a new nuclear waste treatment technology. Experiments conducted at the Belgian Atomic Energy Research Center showed that this technology is highly efficient, And can reduce the cost of dealing with nuclear waste

according to a recent report in Nikkei industries, this technology was developed by the Institute of creative industries, a Japanese consortium. The design idea is to coat the ion exchanger and chelating agent on the surface of silica dioxide particles with particle size of 50 microns respectively. Then the silica particles are filled in two different barrel descriptors. After being dissolved in nitric acid solution, the nuclear waste material flows from the top of the container containing the ion exchanger to the bottom, and the plutonium and uranium in it are adsorbed by the ion exchanger; The remaining solution then flows into the container containing the chelating agent, and americium and other substances with a long decay period are put away, otherwise a large number of waste products with out of size may appear, and radioactive substances will be adsorbed by the chelating agent and separated from the solution. Plutonium and uranium attached to the adsorbent can also be recycled.

it is reported that compared with the existing nuclear waste treatment technology, the use of new technology can reduce the cost of nuclear waste treatment, and the cutting, measurement and experiment of samples should be carried out continuously.

because it does not need to use organic solvents, it will not "produce harmful organic waste"

At present, there are 51 nuclear power stations in Japan, which produce a certain amount of nuclear waste every year, including a considerable proportion of reusable materials such as plutonium and uranium and radioactive waste with a long decay period. Japan has built a nuclear waste treatment plant in Aomori Prefecture, with an annual treatment capacity of 800 tons

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