Japan has developed a new aseptic filling and pack

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Japan has developed a new aseptic filling and packaging line

Japan Bausch Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. recently launched a servac-tfa4830 aseptic molding and filling packaging production line equipped with new component units

this production line can improve the packaging by changing the operating procedures, no matter where the electrical appliances can be sold after all. In addition, the production line also makes the whole machine equipment miniaturized by about 30% through the use of auxiliary standby motor control. At the same time, due to changing the filling and packaging foam granule machine, the products are very convenient and mellow, and the product varieties can be changed at will. The new equipment also adopts a piston type filling system, which can be filled in addition to "he explained that the filling solid is 25mm3, 2 High viscosity products with small leakage or infarction of the pressure pipe can also be filled with highly sterile clean and transparent materials, and filled with pudding, soup, baby food and other solid or liquid foods

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