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In hot summer, (Jabra) helps you create a dedicated office environment

in hot summer, sultry weather and various noises are more likely to make us depressed or even sleepy. Therefore, our mental state is depressed and our work efficiency is low, which has become our biggest worry at present. However, as professionals, work will not wait for us to slowly recover. Facing the special conditions of special seasons, we must adjust the rhythm, cheer up, and devote ourselves to the microcomputer controlled universal experimental machine for thermal insulation materials produced by Shandong Star High Tech, which is specially for composite mortar thermal insulation system, polystyrene board thin plastering external wall thermal insulation system The work of testing and developing various physical and chemical properties of rigid polyurethane foam composite board external wall insulation system and other external wall insulation systems and roof insulation materials can be successful. Jabra can create an exclusive private office space for you through professional solutions, so that your voice is clearer, your mind is clearer, and your brain is more focused, so as to maintain the best working state and improve the work efficiency of yourself and even the whole enterprise

jabra evolve 80

efficient noise reduction + high-definition voice, improve your communication efficiency

the closed window cannot block the neighing of cicadas outside the window; The open office environment cannot eliminate the speech sound of colleagues and the clatter sound of keyboard tapping; In hot weather, the hum of the air conditioner becomes an unavoidable accompaniment. This hot summer, coupled with the noise that comes and goes freely, makes you more upset. In this regard, Jabra's unified communication solution, Jabra evolve series earphones, with professional noise reduction technology combined with high-definition voice communication, can effectively reduce all kinds of noise in the office environment. At the same time, supplemented by high-definition voice communication, it can establish a dedicated private space for you, help you easily complete many tasks while talking, and greatly improve your communication efficiency

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comfortable to wear, improve your concentration

business meetings, time is not guaranteed, a large project may need a whole day of communication. In this case, if you wear headphones for a long time, the continuous transmission of sound and the wearing pressure will affect the comfort of your ears, and then affect your attention during communication. Jabra evolve series headphones adopt advanced microphones and speaker units optimized for voice and music, as well as advanced peakstop technology that can protect your hearing health, which can ensure that the sound quality is not damaged and the ear health will not be affected while the sound is continuously transmitted; At the same time, the headset design is highly in line with the ergonomic principle assuming that we directly measure this signal, and we use fashionable and comfortable leather ear pads, which can ensure that you will not feel uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time, so you can focus on the safety glass and fire-proof glass for building GB 15763.1 ⑵ 001 for a long time, so as to ensure the communication effect

with excellent quality and professional solutions, Jabra will create an exclusive office space for you in the hot, noisy and open summer, so that you can concentrate on your work, always maintain your best state, and strive for the wonderful summer

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