Japan develops new biodegradable buffer materials

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Japan has developed a new biodegradable buffer material

not long ago, a new buffer material - "biochemical butyl" foaming film was launched in Japan. This new material is made of biodegradable materials, which is the first biodegradable buffer material successfully developed in Japan. In the past, biodegradable plastic structures contained inferior fillers, and even polymers. The steel pipe scaffold fastener testing machine produced by our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. Corn starch was added to the newly developed "biochemical butyl". The new "biochemical butyl" compounds not only have biodegradability, but also their cushioning properties are almost no different from plastic hair foam materials. Murielginollin, global market manager of solvit polymers, said that the soil microbiota can destroy starch particles and accelerate the decomposition of polymers due to the addition of automatic Acidifiers in "biochemical butyl". Like starch, the automatic acidifier composed of natural organic substances is undoubtedly very safe and clean, and even natural combustion treatment will not produce any non use according to the user manual; Toxic substances. In addition, if it is buried in the soil, "biochemical butyl" can be decomposed, without toxicity and irritation. At first, a batch of data was collected, and it is not easy to generate static electricity. The characteristics of foaming materials, such as air cushioning, water resistance, moisture resistance, cutting, lining, easy punching and other characteristics, "biochemical butyl" materials have

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