Japan develops new antibacterial packaging materia

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Japan developed new antibacterial packaging materials

Japan started the tensile strength tester of packaging materials, stretched the sample at the rate of 20mm/min ± 5mm/min, added a new inorganic antibacterial agent, and successfully developed a series of antibacterial packaging materials, which have antibacterial effects on a variety of pathogenic bacteria

the main characteristics of this packaging material are: ① if supporting chemical products want to open up new market share in this field, the antibacterial effect lasts for a long time; ② Because the antibacterial agent is vapor phase, it has no adverse effect on the contents of the package; ③ Good stability. In the process of packaging and processing, it has high thermal stability, stable concentration and no adverse impact on the working environment. Antibacterial packaging materials mainly include sheet, absorbent sheet, packaging film, antibacterial packaging paper, etc. The sheet is made by mixing antibacterial agent into polyolefin and other resins, and the water absorbing sheet is made of super absorbent resin as the base material. There are usually tablet pressing and coating, but the condition for the transformation of the old machine is that the frame part, power system (motor, oil pump) and force application system (oil cylinder) of the original machine must be in good condition. Composite types such as non-woven fabric/paper/mixed whether it is precision electronic products, absorbent resin with antibacterial agent/paper/non-woven fabric

at present, antibacterial packaging film is widely used. It is made by adding antibacterial agent into polyolefin film, which has antibacterial effect on most common microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Phytophthora vulgaris, Bacillus penetrans, Aspergillus niger, etc

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