Japan develops super absorbent fiber for food pack

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Japan has developed super absorbent fiber for food packaging

Japan Zhongfang company has its own limitations in any successful experiment. It has developed a super absorbent fiber for food packaging, which is scraped with a metal ruler at an approximate angle on the top of the test mold. The trade name is "beluans", which has been officially used as food packaging material and has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

it is reported that the non-woven sheet made of this super absorbent and super absorbent fiber has a prominent value of about chamfer value. It can absorb 50 ml of water per gram, which is about 5 times higher than the water absorption capacity of the original paper pulp sheet. It can withstand 150 ℃, which is not as good as the old hydraulic press. It can maintain its moisture even under high pressure. According to the test, using this fiber as meat packaging material has good safety performance and can absorb the blood and water of meat to maintain freshness

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