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When the owner of a community in Luxian county goes through the decoration procedures in the property management company, the property management company shall charge the owner's decoration deposit, construction slag cleaning fee and decoration management fee. Is this in line with the regulations

recently, the owner of Shuxiang Meidi community in Luxian County reported to Luzhou sunshine government that she was going to decorate the house recently. When she went to the property management company of the community to handle the decoration procedures, the property management company asked her to pay a decoration deposit of 2000 yuan, a construction slag cleaning fee of 335 yuan, and a decoration management fee of 470 yuan. I have doubts about the legitimacy of these charges. The owner told reporters that there was no document for charging, so he charged more and looked at the property management less

after receiving the report, the reporter found gongweihong, the person in charge of the property management company in the community. Gongweihong said that when the owners went through the decoration procedures, they really charged these fees. "There should be a deposit. As long as there is no violation, the money should be refunded after the decoration. If there is a violation, the money will also be refunded to you after the rectification. As for the garbage fee, it will knock on the wall and tear down the wall during the decoration, so there will definitely be a lot of garbage. Our fee is 2.5 yuan per square meter, calculated by area, and then the decoration management fee is 3.5 yuan per square meter."

then, does the property company in the community charge these fees in accordance with the regulations? Subsequently, the reporter learned about the situation from Luxian County Housing and urban rural planning and Construction Bureau. Chen Bin, head of the housing management unit of the Bureau, told reporters that the property management company's collection of the owner's decoration deposit is in line with the regulations, but there is no clear requirement for the specific amount of the decoration deposit. Chen Bin said that the development and reform department has issued clear charging standards for the construction slag cleaning fee and decoration management fee. After investigation and verification, the two charges of the property management company in Deng Xia's community are in line with the regulations

here, the reporter hopes that the community property company can do a good job in publicity and explanation when charging relevant fees to avoid misunderstandings. At the same time, it is also hoped that the relevant departments will strengthen the management of the fees charged by the community property companies, and deal with the illegal fees in time if found, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the owners

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