Chunshuli 100 square meters American style garden

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Many people hope to make their homes look brighter and more energetic through colorful colors, but many times they feel dazzled because of improper design. Today, let's take a look at how Yinjing decoration company uses different elements to make the space diversified, dynamic and personalized

decoration owner's file: Community: chunshuli house type: three bedrooms and two living rooms decoration area: 100 square meters decoration style: mixed style decoration method: half package contract amount: 30000-50000 decoration company: Yinjing decoration more renderings [Click to view]

living room

the color matching of black pillows and dark brown sofa has a visual impact and also enlivens the living room atmosphere. The ginger floor is used to distinguish the living room and the outdoor rest area, so that the two halls are visually connected and different, and at the same time, sufficient indoor lighting is ensured


the whole staircase is decorated with log materials, without redundant colors and active design. But this monotonous whirl gives people a natural and thick texture

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