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Temperament women in the hall, charming women in the bedroom, and gentle women in the kitchen. The kitchen shows women's love for home, life and selfless dedication. Although the kitchen is no longer exclusive to women, many women still like the kitchen

temperament women are in the hall, charming women are in the bedroom, and gentle women are in the kitchen

the kitchen shows women's love for home, life and selfless dedication. Although the kitchen is no longer exclusive to women, many women still like the kitchen. They often love life and want to create happiness and happiness for their families through cooking delicious food. Their requirements for the kitchen must be easy to use, which can meet their various needs in the kitchen. Therefore, the style of the kitchen is often not the first thing for them, and whether the cabinet is comfortable is the key

according to the living habits and needs of such simple and simple people who are loyal to life itself, schneiman has developed a "pragmatic" series of cabinets, the core of which is "storage, flexibility and changeability", carrying their "practical" lifestyle

1. Storage

Japanese kitchen storage system

Japanese kitchens are well stored, organized, neat and clean, and envy housewives who love storage. As a practical cook in the new era, she is not only full of pursuit of cooking, but also obsessed with the storage of the kitchen. Schneiman's pragmatic series of cabinets replicate the Japanese storage system, so that beautiful cooks who don't understand storage can easily tidy up a neat and beautiful kitchen

schneiman pragmatism series - Senna Chunxiao

according to usage habits and frequencies, clear storage areas and guide storage habits

large boxes of ingredients, seasoning cans, etc. are placed in the common bulk items area. Folding up cabinet door is adopted, which is very convenient to take

some fragmentary kitchen utensils are usually placed under the cabinet

the floor cabinet is equipped with a special dish storage rack and stainless steel frame, which can drain the freshly washed tableware

the more exquisite life is, the more tableware there is. Schneiman's pragmatic cabinet has made you consider the details - dishes and chopsticks

the bottom floor of the ground cabinet is made into a storage area for pots. The space under the sink is usually wasted, and the storage area made of pots is the most reasonable and can make full use of the space

the common floor cabinets are equipped with hidden rice boxes to prevent insects and moisture, and the rice is measured according to the quantity, which is clean and hygienic

the design of the corner pull basket at the corner makes full use of space. The linked stainless steel pull basket makes it easy to take things at the corner

many wives complain that the frequent presence of "cockroaches" in their kitchens is actually caused by unclean cleaning and unreasonable food placement. Therefore, the storage of food is urgent

most Japanese wives buy more than n small storage artifacts, and then mark the containers according to the different ingredients

schneiman's cabinet has a very humanized design of an open storage rack. No matter how many bottles and cans can be neatly stacked on it, you can take them at a glance

ok, the storage in Japan is very rebellious, but the storage system of sieneman cabinets is perfectly copied and improved. Even if you can't be a storage cook, under the guidance of the reasonable zoning of sieneman cabinets, you will become a storage master without a teacher. It's so simple to have a neat and orderly kitchen

2. Flexible

small apartment expansion design

maybe you just think the kitchen is crowded, but you only consider letting yourself adapt to the kitchen. Schneiman's "superhuman" design concept requires the cabinet to adapt to users to the greatest extent, so the kitchen expansion, the problem that others did not expect, schneiman perfectly solved

is this a drawer


perfect opening method


retractable dining table: it's a table and a workbench. You can also develop more ways to use it. Good design makes the small kitchen not small

03, changeable

how to be handy and how to do it

good design is to create surprises for life, "superhuman" design is to respect habits and convey care. Practical kitchen is naturally the most convenient one

is this a cabinet


perfect opening method


mobile console

below is the tool rack, above is the console, cutting vegetables, placing things, delivering meals, ha, how to use it

04, face value

the era of looking at the face wins at the starting line

cabinets not only have an international style, but also have the most fashionable color matching. Even direct selling products are carefully colored. Although everyone likes a lot and it is difficult for everyone to adjust, so many sets of direct selling products will always impress you

the frequent appearance of "Sena spring dawn", high gloss midsummer green + high gloss white blister, the color is really very warm in spring. It adopts high gloss blister technology, which is not easy to get dirty and easy to clean. Modern urban styling design is fashionable and trendy

Beiwei sunshine ―

style gray panel cabinet, decorated with gray glass, low-key beauty

Berlin spring -

European style top line, carved Roman column, grid door type, matte white blister, simple European style modeling, absolutely luxurious high-value cabinet

love between the sea and the sky ―

cowboy blue with elegant light white, thinking of blue sky, white clouds, beach, and love by the sea

mark of Denmark -

calm tone, texture of wood grain, Danish color

Parson's pastoral ―

it can be pastoral and fresh, warm and fashionable, natural and leisurely, and pastoral in the evening

ITO garden ―

the white cherry colored cabinet is warm and full. It takes a touch of sunshine in the afternoon. Time seems to be static, making people feel warm and quiet walking in the garden in March

Tokyo Sakura snow ―

the kitchen of fantasy powder is more suitable for beautiful cooks

simple space -

gray space is a different taste, and simple color is what moves people

the above cabinets are schneiman's "pragmatism" series cabinets, which take "storage, flexibility and changeability" as the design core, and make shape changes according to consumers' preferences, so as to better integrate them into the whole house decoration style, so that consumers can find a kitchen suitable for their own home

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