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Children are the future of the motherland. Mothers are naturally extra careful and cautious when decorating children's houses. So how should the children's room be decorated? What decoration principles should be adhered to when decorating children's rooms? Now let's follow the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network to see the most classic decoration effect drawing of children's room in 2014, which is the favorite of mothers

because children love toy cars, careful parents gave them a children's bed in the form of a sports car. The unique appearance and bright colors make the children excited. It will show off to the students that it has a sports car. Following their wishes is actually a way to get along with children, and it will also promote the intimate relationship with parents

at first glance, I'm a football fan. The design of the goal at the head of the bed and the novel creative design have also won the favor of children. The logo of Toronto team is pasted on the background wall, which must be his favorite team. Such a children's room design will definitely make children have a happy and rich childhood

in this space, small flowers are used as wallpapers, and the elegant colors are fresh and refreshing. Other elements in the space inject vitality into the space. Chic chandeliers, red heart-shaped chairs, and colorful round carpets add a variety of charm to the space

the background wall composed of sky blue and dark blue is also the main color of the overall space, creating a feeling of vast sea and blue sky. With the ship model in the room, the theme of the whole space is very strong





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