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BASF joined hands with Masdar to build the first carbon neutral and zero waste environment-friendly city BASF announced on August 18 that they had reached a strategic cooperation intention with Masdar, a renewable energy company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and the two sides would be committed to building the world's first carbon neutral and zero waste environment-friendly city in the future

BASF will provide this small city named Masdar city with a series of building materials and building system solutions, including polyurethane products, which are used to produce insulating foam for building insulation

walterseufert, President of BASF Europe, said, "as the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of sustainable solutions, the cooperation with Masdar in the construction of this environmentally friendly green town will add color to our efforts in the field of energy-saving and environment-friendly buildings."

masdar city is located about 30km away from the downtown of Abu Dhabi and is currently in the first initial stage of construction

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