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BASF announced the force majeure of BDO and PBT devices in Germany

according to foreign media reports, BASF announced the force majeure of the largest PBT polymer and compound production base in Europe on June 7. The main reason is the shortage of production materials

according to the company's insiders, BASF announced on May 31 that BDO unit suffered force majeure due to the fire of acetylene unit in BASF's plant in Ludwigshafen on May 30. At present, the company is trying to adjust the supply of goods to ensure the normal production of the spring change testing machine and its surrounding environment

at present, BASF has a global production capacity of 535000 tons of BDO and its derivatives, a production capacity of 190000 tons of the new standard BDO device of the cupping tester of Jinan testing machine factory in Ludwigshafen, and a production capacity of 100000 tons of PBT in schwarzheide, Germany. Some buyers said that the force majeure of BASF PBT device would affect the PBT market in June and July

compared with the first quarter, the contract price of PBT in Europe in the second quarter increased by US $0.29 to US $0.43/kg according to the structural principles of different experimental machines, but it was all due to the increase of raw material costs and the strong demand capacity of downstream

pbt is widely used in electrical, electronic, communication, optical fiber and automobile industries

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