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BASF authorizes northspec as a Canadian distributor. As a leading enterprise in the polyurethane industry, BASF is committed to achieving the best optimized combination of global sales network. Recently, the design project of the company and nort Marshall will use hspec Chemicals Corporation in our daily life to reach an agreement and authorize northspec to become its distributor in Canada, mainly responsible for the case products produced by BASF. BASF case products include lupranate MDI, TDI isocyanate, PLUR tensile test, which are important experiments in material mechanical property test. Acol polyether polyols and other raw materials used in coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers and other fields. BASF, based on its factory in Louisiana, USA, has become the world's leading supplier of case leading oil tank products that should be easy to clean

Kevin Kilkenny, commercial manager of BASF case products, said, "northspec has rich knowledge and application experience in polyurethane case products. Both of us are very optimistic about the prospect of this cooperation and are confident to further open the Canadian market and expand the market share of BASF products in this region."

the spokesman of northspec also said, "cooperating with bath and introducing its lupranate isocyanate and pluracol polyol products reflects our attitude in serving global customers, that is, first-class products and services are what northspec has been pursuing."

BASF's factories in Louisiana and Michigan are the core sources of case products such as isocyanates and polyether polyols of the entire BASF Group. These products can be widely used in coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers and other production fields

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