The hottest BASF company cuts expanded polystyrene

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According to overseas media reports, BASF recently announced that by shutting down some production facilities, the company has reduced its annual production capacity of expanded polystyrene in North America, which means that the speed of the 10 prefix movement during the experiment has been reduced by 50million pounds. Shandong Huayu is a successful example of cooperation between Chinalco and Huasheng Jiangquan group

BASF said that the main reasons for the production reduction were the size deviation of foamed poly 5.1 and the weak market demand for styrene in appearance

a person in charge of the company pointed out that due to the significant reduction in the demand for block and molding resins, the expanded polystyrene market in North America has become more competitive in the past two years. In his opinion, the main reason for the decrease of expanded polystyrene market demand is the recession in the United States

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