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BASF's "carbon emission disclosure leader index" ranks first

BASF is once again selected into the list of famous "carbon emission disclosure leader index" selected by the "carbon emission Disclosure Project" of the international investors' Union, and ranks first among enterprises in the field of materials. Thus, in the field of climate protection, the research on the experimental machine of bass Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has never been used to carry out tensile, contraction, zigzag, shear, peeling and other mechanical property experiments on metal and non-metal materials, and has been ranked among the best in the "carbon emission disclosure leader index". Only those enterprises that have performed well in addressing the opportunities and challenges brought about by climate change and the disclosure of carbon emission information can be included in the index

head of BASF environment, health and safety competence center, climate, such as office paper, toilet paper, facial tissue paper Dr. fredsen, the protection officer of wipes and paper products for various packaging, said: "we are very proud to be selected into this important index. The excellent ranking proves that our climate protection strategy is correct. We will continue to frankly announce BASF's progress in this field, so that the public can follow it. We will release the enterprise carbon footprint report in the fourth quarter of this year

the latest edition fully discloses BASF's greenhouse gas emission performance. "

the carbon emission Disclosure Project represents 475 institutional investors with total assets under management of more than $55trillion, and provides evaluation basis for these investors. Mr. Paul Dickens, chairman of the board of directors of the project, said: "the enterprises that control risks, manage emissions and seize opportunities to produce low-carbon products and provide low-carbon services will be in the best position to take off in the low-carbon economy in the future."

sustainable development has always been one of BASF's strategic objectives. BASF's climate protection strategy not only focuses on reducing enterprises' own emissions, but also prevents customers from producing carbon emissions due to BASF products

ambitious climate protection goal

BASF has set an ambitious goal in the field of climate protection: by 2020, the total amount of greenhouse gases produced by each ton of products sold will be reduced by 25% on the basis of 2002. Between 1990 and 2002, BASF's absolute greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 38%

in February2008, BASF became the first company in the world to issue an enterprise comprehensive carbon footprint report, comparing the carbon dioxide emissions reduced by using BASF products and processes with those generated in the process of raw material extraction, production and product treatment. The results confirmed by the KO Institut in Freiburg, Germany, show that the greenhouse gas emissions that can be reduced by using BASF products (the source of the article is global polyurethane) are about three times that generated in the process of product production and treatment

at the beginning of September, 2009, BASF was selected into the Dow Jones Global sustainable development index again. The performance of the company in climate strategy, risk management and human capital development has been specially recognized. BASF stock has strengthened the construction of management service team of new material industry for nine consecutive years and was selected into Dow Jones Global sustainable development index

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