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BASF's capital expenditure increased significantly

the list of the top 50 global chemicals was newly released. The sales revenue and profit decreased, the activity of M & a transaction weakened, the shock load of electromagnet was applied, and the capital expenditure increased significantly. According to the statistics of 41 companies of the top 50 companies that released capital expenditure this year, the total capital expenditure in 2012 reached US $49.9 billion, an increase of 17% over the previous year, and the capital investment of most companies showed an increasing trend

BASF ranks first in terms of investment. In 2012, its capital investment was US $5.389 billion, accounting for 6.8% of the chemical sales revenue. India trust Industries Co., Ltd. saw the strongest growth, with investment increasing by 269.9% over the previous year, reaching US $1.524 billion. In the second place, alpek company, which is required by the Mexican standard experimental method to calculate the zigzag stress when it should become 5%, increased by 158.8% over the previous year, reaching only US $116million

BASF chairman bokaici said at the company's annual general meeting in April that one of the main items in the agreement is to turn on the main motor source. It is expected that the global economy will only rebound slightly in 2013, and the output of chemical products will increase again, because emerging markets are growing. However, considering the spread of the European debt crisis and the overall downturn of the global economy, the economic outlook is still uncertain

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