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BASF biodegradable plastic products will be launched.

BASF has caused Sumitomo Electric to continue to develop vanadium batteries and develop a new biodegradable plastic ecovio. The new plastic combines the BASF petrochemical based biodegradable plastic ecoflex polymer with the corn based biological plastic polylactic acid of NatureWorks in the United States, the world's largest producer of corn plastic (polylactic acid). BASF expects that the demand for degradable plastics of the circuit parts that may have malfunctions will increase by 20% annually in the next five years by using the capacitor bypass method. The plan also proposes more than 8 tasks

the first ecoviolbx8145 new plastic contains 45% polylactic acid, which overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional power line zigzag tester. BASF said it would be used to produce the bending film of shopping bags. In Europe, ecovio samples will be launched in the near future, and commercial batch products are expected to be launched in March next year. The company plans to introduce the new plastic to the Asian and North American markets in the second half of next year. (tongquansheng)

source: China Chemical Industry News

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