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BASF company launched the third generation of transparent polystyrene

polystyrene (PS) is a hard, brittle and transparent material in people's minds. However, BASF company recently exhibited the third generation of transparent polystyrene at k2001, which is a chemically modified copolymer (SBS). The Chinese plastic extruder market is full of confidence. It only has higher transparency, brightness and toughness. Its trade name is styrolux, In addition to the reheat molding and injection molding of extruded sheets like the traditional polystyrene, because of its good toughness, it can also be made into winding films repeatedly, so it has different problems. It can be used as the fresh-keeping packaging of vegetables and fruits with its good air permeability and water permeability

styrolux has good compatibility with polystyrene, so they can be made into blends. The new series styrolux (3G 55) on display is a blend with crystalline polystyrene. Its good toughness enables it to be used as an elastomer for two-component injection molding with polystyrene

The annual output of wood plastic composites in China is close to 3million tons

due to its special structure and high polarity, styrolux also has good printability, which is a rare feature of TPE

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