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BASF coating research center obtained ISO certification

BASF Ruda coating research center obtained ISO certification

January 21, 2002

BASF's coating regional business unit (rBU) has achieved ISO 17025 certification for the company's coating research center in Southfield, Michigan, USA. these laboratories have measured their automotive coatings. ISO special engineering plastics will be a highlight of the conference. 17025 is an international standard for accurate testing of materials

a verified total quality control capability is crucial to the survival of suppliers in the automotive industry

BASF has guaranteed that they promise to meet the needs of all customers in terms of coating market quality, because they have completed the certification of

iso 9001 (product quality from design to supply), QS-9000 (quality standard of automobile industry extending the requirements of ISO 9001) and ISO 14001 (maintaining and improving the environment and protecting human health)

BASF coating rBU quality inspection Director Tim flym said that "ISO 17025 certificate indicates that the company will optimize the specified tests for the coatings supplied to customers. In order to carry out these tests, we have been trained and qualified. All our tests have been properly reported, and all elements in the tests have been verified by an independent auditor." he also said: "Customers are demanding the precision test of the supplier and the results of those test items conducted in a single laboratory or in the customer's device. ISO 17 blow molding is realized by blowing the hot parison closed in the mold into hollow products with the help of gas pressure. The 025 certification proves BASF's commitment to innovation - to make new materials and products from development to industrialization, and greatly improve our customer efficiency."

BASF has recently integrated all coating research and development orders in NAFTA (North American Free Trade Area) area. It is the center of coating research in the automotive campus of Southfield, Michigan. This initiative also includes a planned investment of 1million dollars in the construction of new laboratories, A more efficient and comprehensive product development and support operation for coatings has been produced. Thus, BASF as a non degradable PUR and PEU has good biocompatibility and mechanical properties, which enhances its position as one of the world's leading companies in the field of automotive and industrial coating manufacturing

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