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Shishan town, Nanhai has formulated plans to help plastic packaging enterprises. Zhang Meilan, Zhang Jiaying, correspondents Yang Daimei and Li Yingqi reported that yesterday, the 2008 China plastic packaging casting film and environment harmonious development summit forum and soft packaging technology exchange meeting was held in Shishan. The relevant person in charge of Shishan town said that the town has formulated a plan to support the development of plastic hollow packaging industry

the theme of this forum is harmonious development with the environment. The experts and heads of plastic enterprises participating in the forum jointly discussed how the plastic packaging industry can develop new materials, new processes, new technologies and new products that can not only protect the plastic tensile machine and rubber tensile machine, but also reduce costs under the background of increasingly tight resources and energy, so as to cope with the financial tsunami and get out of trouble

as China's plastic hollow packaging industry base, Jinan gold testing machine on the Shishan plastic packaging industry chain sells well overseas downstream enterprises, with an annual output value of more than 5billion yuan and more than 500 industrial products. These enterprises have not only become the designated suppliers of Sinopec, Panasonic and other large Chinese and foreign enterprises, but also won the famous brand products of Guangdong Province

Zhao Siyuan, member of the Shishan town Party committee, said that under the situation of the cold current in the global economy, Shishan's plastic packaging enterprises are also facing opportunities and challenges. Therefore, the government took the initiative to build an exchange platform for this industry, so that the local plastic packaging enterprises in the South China Sea can learn the world's advanced technology and effectively drive it. 2. The installation of host parts is not level, and they have high-level cooperation with well-known enterprises at home and abroad

it is reported that Shishan town has formulated a development plan to support the plastic hollow packaging industry. It plans to raise 1billion yuan in the next five years to speed up the pace of product structure adjustment in the industry, and help enterprises survive the winter by supporting enterprises' import and export and utilizing foreign capital, giving priority to approving the self-supporting import and export management rights of plastic packaging enterprises, reducing taxes and fees, and opening industry subsidies, In order to achieve the goal of increasing the annual output value of the industry by 18% in the future

liaozhengpin, President of China plastic processing industry association, said that Shishan, which has China's plastic hollow packaging industry base, has formed a plastic packaging industry cluster with centralized enterprises and advanced production. Chairman Guo said that the plastic packaging industry cluster with advanced equipment and manufacturing technology plays an important role in the national plastic packaging industry. He hoped that this industry conference would bring great business opportunities to Shishan and promote more communication and cooperation

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