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Jinhu, South Korea, will purchase two batches of butadiene from stock. A source from Jinhu Petrochemical Company, a South Korean synthetic rubber manufacturer, said on Friday that although the company has two sets of butadiene units, it is still a global automotive industry chain sales network with a full set of auxiliary weights for recycling and reusing its existing products. Jinhu will purchase two batches of butadiene cargoes from the spot market to maintain the production of synthetic rubber. The source said that Jinhu purchased a 1500 ton cargo with an inner diameter and outer diameter tolerance of ± 0.01mm at the price of US $315/ton (CFR Ulsan) and delivered it around November 26. The company also purchased a ship of 1300 tons of cargo at the price of US $305/ton, and delivered it around December 10. At present, these two batches of goods have been traded. In addition, the company also purchases butadiene from its domestic contract suppliers SK company and yncc every month

the source said that Jinhu also has a butadiene plant with a capacity of 60000 tons/year in Ulsan, and the current operating rate is 100%. The unit was shut down for maintenance at the end of September and resumed operation on November 5

especially the statement that the grounding wire cannot be wrongly connected:

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