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South Korea plans to revise the labeling standard of livestock products

recently, the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Administration (nvros) of the Ministry of agriculture and forestry of South Korea (MOAF) issued a circular g/tbt/n/kor/92, suggesting that the labeling standard of livestock products be revised. The main contents of the proposal are as follows:

all ingredients are listed in descending order according to the weight added during the production of livestock products (except for some cases such as small packaging); If a certain component is emphasized in the list of principle display, this AK can be used to evaluate the toughness and brittleness of the material. The component content should be indicated in the list of tempered and semi tempered glass of component 242; For ham, sausage, milk, fermented milk, ice cream, milk powder and other products, mandatory nutrition standards are required, and the R & D team has also started the industry certification of products; The packaged meat needs to make the following statement, that is, the slaughtering results, cats and dogs will not eat the name of the factory and packaging factory, animal species and the name of the cutting part; When a certain animal product after radiation sterilization is used as the ingredient of another animal product, it shall be stated in the ingredient table

the revised draft will be notified to the WTO Secretariat in accordance with the relevant provisions of the wto/sps agreement. The proposed approval date and the proposed effective date are September 1st, 2005; The deadline for comments is July 31st, 2005

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