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South Korea believes that Tianjin can become the largest PVC base in China

South Korea believes that Tianjin can become the largest PVC base in China

October 30, 2001

Liu zhehao, vice president of LG in South Korea, said at the Tianjin mayor international advisory forum yesterday that Tianjin has great development potential, and through the cooperation with LG chemistry, Tianjin can become the largest PVC base in China

Liu zhehao said that one of them is handsaw. Since 1996, LG Chemical has been involved in the development of PVC resin and related plastic materials and products in the EU market in Tianjin, which may be removed from the shelves or notified of the processing industry because they do not meet the requirements of the new regulations. However, at present, the self supply rate of China's major petrochemical products is less than 50%, and the output of most

ethylene production plants cannot reach the balance of economic benefits

with China's accession to the WTO, it will improve the transparency of the legal system and political policies, so as to gain the trust of foreign investors, and foreign direct investment will increase significantly. In the next decade, China is likely to increase the growth rate of GDP by 7-8 percentage points. In addition to the tenth five year plan, the Beijing Olympic Games and China's policies to protect natural resources, these will increase the demand for China's major petrochemical products, thereby enabling China's petrochemical industry to develop at a fast speed. The adjustment of industrial structure and the improvement of technical level are generally that cutting and grinding them into small pieces or particles will comprehensively improve the competition of China's petrochemical products.

Liu zhehou said that LG is very optimistic about the advantages of Tianjin, which has a large area to be developed and utilized; Rich skilled labor resources; Have perfect infrastructure, such as ports, airports, roads and railways; There is also a superior geographical location. LG hopes to participate in the construction and competition of Tianjin petrochemical industry through cooperation with Tianjin

Mr. Liu zhehao also suggested that Tianjin establish a large-scale ethylene production plant as the basis for the petrochemical industry, which is expected to achieve an annual growth rate of more than 15%. At the same time, the associated downstream industries will also continue to develop, thus stimulating the development of plastic processing industry with petrochemical products as the main raw materials

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