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South Korea has developed a fruit and vegetable virus detection tool, which can produce detection results in about 2 minutes

according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency, the country's National Rural Development Administration (RDA) recently said that after 12 years of research and development efforts, institutional personnel have successfully developed a fruit and vegetable pathogen detection kit, which can detect more than 15 kinds of fruit and vegetable diseases

the Korean Rural Development Authority said that since 2007, the agency has successfully developed 15 fruit and vegetable disease detection tools. With its help, local farms can be free from #2 every year Hammer handle strength testing machine 4 makes it the only product without 2 in the market, with an economic loss of 0 billion won (about 23.58 million yuan). According to reports, the diagnostic tool is easy to use. Farmers can detect fruit and vegetable viruses including watermelon, cucumber, pepper, tomato, etc. within 2 minutes through the tool

the Korean rural development authority also said that the tool has found about 150 viruses in local fruit and vegetable crops, which can lead to slow growth of crops, decline in production, and even quality problems

according to another report, ebaltakunststoff of South Korea showed how the German reprap liquid additive manufacturing (LAM) system can print 3D materials into shape at the pseeurope2017 event in Munich. The rural development authority is carrying out a genome project for decoding popular agricultural products, including strawberries, sweet potatoes, broccoli and sweet pepper, It is expected to decode the genomes of 23 high-value agricultural products (including animal products) in any format that users can need by 2021

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