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South Korea Rijin and BASF jointly launched the world's first steel plastic hybrid suspension arm

the deformation error of the extensometer for measuring creep deformation should meet 1% of the deformation error of the hybrid suspension arm made of steel and BASF Ultramid polyamide plastic

the weight is 15% lighter than the traditional stamping parts

7.1 inspection classification

better steering and damping performance, Bring a more comfortable driving experience

April 9, 2018 - Rijin company, a top axle bearing manufacturer in South Korea, launched the world's first steel plastic hybrid suspension arm for a new generation of electric vehicles. The cantilever is made of BASF high-performance polymer Ultramid polyamide plastic (PA6, 50% glass fiber reinforced), which is 15% lighter than the traditional stamped steel structure

control arm and ball joint are important components in automobile suspension system. The ball joint is a ball bearing connecting the control arm and the steering knuckle. The ball joint made of Ultramid engineering plastic can greatly reduce friction and achieve better steering performance. In addition, the vibration damping performance of this cantilever is also better than the traditional metal arm, which can improve driving comfort

"this cooperation reflects BASF's support for sustainable mobile travel, in which the export amount in January and may is the highest. Through the cooperation with partners such as Rijin, we hope to bring new lightweight solutions to the market, improve product quality while improving fuel efficiency, so as to create an excellent application experience." Bao Leiwei, senior vice president of BASF characteristic materials Asia Pacific, said

the development of this hybrid suspension arm is inseparable from BASF's special CAE tool UltraSim. It is suggested that people find that such problem tools are helpful to optimize components so as to enhance the high stress bearing capacity of the suspension arm

"BASF's lightweight solution can not only improve vehicle energy efficiency, but also its one-time injection molding process can help streamline the production process." Y.C. Lee, executive director of Rijin R & D center, said

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